A little bit about me…
Originally from Hamburg Germany, I now live and work as a freelance graphic designer on the beautiful Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia. When I'm not designing or illustrating, I can be found surfing my longboard or taking our Mini Border Collie, Zozo for a spin .
I first arrived in Australia after finishing a degree in communication design in Hamburg in 2006. I travelled and worked around the country (I literally drove around the whole continent!) for over a year before starting to work in Melbourne advertising agencies as a designer. I then went back to Germany for a few years and worked in Berlin as an art director, eventually finding my way back to Australia where I started freelancing in 2015.
Over the past few years I’ve developed a strong passion for pattern design and illustration, with commissions including work for greeting cards, book design, fabrics and wrapping paper. My work is inspired by my surroundings, especially the ocean at my doorstep.
For commission work, licensing and collaborations or if you just want to say hi please get in touch via the contact form below, I would love to hear from you. 
Thank you!
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